Hi! 👋

I'm Zamicol. Welcome to my page.


Major Projects

I work full time at Cyphr.me.
Previously, I worked at the Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology. It's a great place to work with fantastic people.
I authored patent 11,580,064, "Methods and systems for encoding URI for arbitrary payload data based on alphanumeric encoding methods". (Hosted copy)
I graduated from Colorado State University Pueblo with a degree in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration.

Fun Projects And Links

Relativity Playground Winup Pueblo Makes

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3rd party tools

More personally, I'm a software engineer, open source software and cryptocurrency advocate, landlord, and maker. When I'm not writing software, I like to hike and enjoy nature, run, garden, travel, do home projects and renovate houses, cook, write, keep my house clean, Pueblo nerd dinner (a fraternal group), learn, especially about information theory, physics, and natural sciences, mushroom hunt, and play violin. And of course, I enjoy spending time with friends and family and meeting new people. I'm always busy, and constantly up to something! I'm the moderator of /r/pueblo and /r/celiac. I think people should be better protected online.
I'm a member of Pueblo Makes and I try to keep connected with my community.
I mowed lawns and other odd jobs to save money and build a Linux desktop computer freshman year of highschool and I've been working with computers since. Before my professional career, I've also worked as a janitor, health care call center agent, grocery store checker, coffee shop barista, supervisor at scandalous web company, assembler of grills, bikes, office furniture for Target, K-Mart, and Office Depot, a 2010 US Census Crew Leader Assistant, early GPU Bitcoin miner, Best Buy TV salesman, on demand products and t-shirts creator, Java tutor at CSU-P, Landlord and house renovator, and many odd jobs. Over the years I've volunteered for lots of things like Greensburg tornado cleanup. I was a state delegate for Ron Paul and helped the Jared Polis campaign.
I've lived in Colorado (Pueblo, Denver), California (San Diego), and Utah (Ephriam) and like visiting New Hampshire.
America is abundant with opportunity and I'm optimistic for the future. I especially admire Mary Spence, John Mikulas, David Packard, Newton, Faraday, Einstein, Turing, Shannon, Bekenstein, and many others.


Claims to Fame or Interesting Tidbits

- Submitted the QR patent 11580064 covering BASE45 before the Base45 RFC was published.
- Found a bug nin Go's crypto packages.
- Found a 10+ year old bug with Go's ASCII/UTF-8 representation. The Go authors are the authors of UTF-8, making finding a bug unlikely.
- Had one of the first Mt. Gox accounts. Personally messaged many of the early Bitcoiners.