Words that the Google spellcheck says aren’t words

misconfiguration scalability preliminarily malintended Cognizant Integratable Entropic Counterintuitive Screenshotted Massless Graviton Precomputes Resimulated Interpretable Cypherpunk, cypherpunk, cypherpunks, Cypherpunks Gamified reindex,reindexing trustless Collateralized/Collateralization Dulse Uncensorable multisystem macroly auditable Transputs Institutionalism retargeting Explainer Rearchitecture/rearchitected/rearchitects “After the design failed due to fundamental design flaws, Bob rearchitected the specification.” “We sent the new guy away to rearchitect the square wheel design he proposed.” reimagines/reimagine/reimagined Differentiators Inited “The server was inited with a bad configuration file.” Compactified “JSON is sorter after compactification. To canonicalize a JSON file, it must first be compactified.” Unencapsulate (while unencapsulated is considered “correct” ) astroturfing overdramatic Passworded Panderings - “Smart people ignored the politicians many panderings” Uncompetitive
Timestamper - “The server ‘cronos’ is the timestamper.” quaternary, Quaternions, quaternions - “The quaternions representation showed that the Kolmogorov complexity is lower than what was inferred by the non-quaternary representation.”
Paywalled - The New York Times article is paywalled because paywalling the New York Times helps stop the spread of misinformation.
0123456789XE (while 0123456789 and 0123456789ABCDEF are “correct”) Patentability - The lawyer was in the engineering meeting to judge the patentability of the new widget.
Successionally - one after another. “Can I use these cups successionally?” Squirrelly - like a squirrel. “The young engineer’s ideas where squirrelly.” Resistive - “resistive heating” Validators - ethereum validators or html forms.
Prepended Natively - WTF google.
Pasteable Deduplication, deduplication, Deduplicates, deduplicating multibyte Encodings “URF-t and UTF-32 are two difference encodings of Unicode.” Superluminal - faster than the speed of light.
Eliding - “The politician misrepresented the situation by eliding specific details.” composability unescaped serendipitously millennials, Millennials implementers explainer novelly annotational - Bob’s comments on the paper were annotational.
underweighted - The value of the productive class was ridiculously underweighted by the bureaucrat.
incentivised - The bureucrat’s taxing of the productive class incentivised abandoning their homeland.
minification backdoored untrusting canonicalized canonicalize unmarshal, unmarshaller, unmarshalling, marshaler (Like JSON marshaler) handedly (heavy handedly) winterization Footgun, footgunned misconfigured cryptosystems, cryptosystem dracaena preallocated convolute (Yes, just the verb. WTF Google) truncatable automatable unguessable subresources explainer Unvetted slumgummy ostracization (British ostracisation) unparsable uncensorable algorithmically Incompressibility, incompressible sorbitol unencoded decagrams - Metric is not very ergonomic.
signifier misattributing tamari incrementor externalities representable Kolmogorov complexity computable semantical recalculatable oversized verifiers (Noun. A common cryptography term) unpadded recreatable multiton technotopian Merkle (like Merkle tree, Merkle root, etc…) uniadic, variadic multiton significand - In the number 01.010, 1.01 is the significand. The last and the first 0’s are padding character.
positionally - In programming, we can set a static array’s values positionally. denormalized/denormalization - In computer science, there is normalization and denormalization. This is a common term.
megafauna - Horses are a megafauna native to North America that were extincted by the arrival of humans. upvote reserialize connotate underqualification, underqualified - in computer science, something is underqualified if it is overly scoped. Related to fully-qualified, well-qualified., (unqualified, fully-qualified) <- DNS (overqualified, qualified, well-qualified, underqualified) name scope
thumbnailing - the process of creating a thumbnail.
unsigning natality - fecundity, except fecundity has a connotation of already having kids while natality refers to kids themselves or the ability to have kids.
radix informationally, Informationally - WTF google.
untighten chile (chile peppers, e.g. Pueblo chile) Landauer (Landauer Limit) Extremely important concept in Physics and Computer Science.
googol The number that Google derives it’s name.
centric “The program used a Unicode-centric encoding method.” Weaponization unescaping/unescaped miscategorized undeservingly Natalists Logarithmically insufficiencies probiotics Hossenfelder cryptographically - WTF google. blueshifted, redshifted, dopplershifted Bekenstein lumeniferous Coloradoans As Pueblo and Southern Colorado has said for a very long time.
immunities supernaturalism hypernym and hyponym (WTF) uncomputable, computable irreducibility sashimi (WTF) Harrison Bergeron disproven - The past participle disproven is often proscribed in favor of disproved. Sheesh blueshift lightyear redshift maternalistic but paternalistic is known WTF Google! Monoculture statism Chiles, as in Pueblo Chiles lensing - as in gravitational lensing Schwarzschild - as in Schwarzschild radius negligibility lookups - WTF google! As in, “Database lookups”. “Record lookups”. Even CHATGPT says it. Even VS code! WTF.
architected -Gawd damn! WTF! Since Signal uses Electron, it was architected for the web, however, it sillily decides not to support the browser for hand wavey reasons.
accuracies - WTF.
misallocated - WTF.
Ethereum countertop - WTF.
factuality Schwarzschild’s formula - WTF Indistinguishability terseness impactful Anisotropies - the quality of exhibiting properties with different values when measured along axes in different directions celiac preforms - PET preforms chile instead of chili

Words I expected VS Code to known since they are mostly programming words.

behaviour Canonicalize, canonicalized, canonicalization, canonicalizes, canonicalizing checksummed, checksumming composability datastructure debuggable deduplication Deterministic dozenal embeddable encodable endianness informationally Kolmogorov merkle, Merkle multiton mutatable namespacing parentheticals pasteable pathed, pathing Precomputes prepended recalculatable remarshal, remarshalling reparse transactionally Truncatable Unencapsulate, unencapsulated unencode unhashed uniadic unmarshal, unmarshaler, unmarshalled, unmarshaller, unmarshalling, unmarshals unpadded unpathed unserialized unversioned Upsert, upserted, upserting, upserts sharded significand (Yup.) denormalized/denormalization - In computer science, there is normalization and denormalization. This is a common term.
cyclomatic reserialize underqualification, underqualified unsigning unadopted unescaping, escapable Puebloan travelling (wtf) uncomputable, computable definitionally misallocated WTF.
summated wtf.

Other WTF VS code words:

untighten fundamentality

Public Words that I like

juristic perturbation misanthropic - disliking humankind and avoiding human society. adduce - to bring forward in argument or as evidence; cite as pertinent or conclusive germane - Relevant or foundational to an area of study.
Lügenpresse - (German) the lying press, e.g. fake news.
metier - an occupation or activity that one is good at. prattle - talk at length in a foolish or inconsequential way. drivel - talk nonsense. mendacity - untruthfulness; lying. raison d’etre - the most important reason or purpose for someone or something’s existence. ceteris paribus - all things being equal sophistry - the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving. Isomorphic - Math functions, programs, philosophic ideas that are interchangeably equivalent (although they may require some conversion) Dialectic - the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions. Megalomania - obsession with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others. profligacy - reckless extravagance or wastefulness in the use of resources.


Cyclomatic complexity - a software metric used to indicate the complexity of a program.

Pigeonhole principle - In the domain of compression the pigeonhole principle states that for all compression algorithms, some outputs will be larger than the inputs.

euphemism treadmill - euphemisms themselves become taboo words, so new ones are needed. People that don’t rage against this ridiculousness are dumb and generally uninteresting.

Late stage bureaucracy. (Alternatively late state bureaucracy, a A double entendre) A political philosophy marked by anti-liberty, anti-meritocratic, anti-rule of (simple) law, anti-individual/minority rights, and pro-government control, pro-tyranny-of-the-majority, pro-war.
🫣 Late stage capitalism?
🫵 Late state bureaucracy.

Toxic Compassion is the prioritization of short term emotional comfort over long-term outcomes

Zami Words

convolutional collapse - The quick connecting of perviously not-tightly networked concepts due to a new understanding.
Quick understanding, when a long series of concepts are networked together and things “make sense”. Like dominos finally falling, or a bolt of lightning.

Vicarious Ego ~2012 (Mom invented term)

Computerware ~2014 All hardware and software components of a computer system. The StrawRaspBananaBerry pie mini computer is a fully open source device as all computerware is under a GPL 2.0 license.

Masterbet, March 2020 “Master Alphabet” A master alphabet that’s useful for truncation for smaller bases.

expolog (expologic, expoligically) ~ 2023 Expolog is the exclusive hypernym of exponential and logarithmic and hyponym of Transcendental.

Possible, Plausible, Probable, Feasible

Possible: Has the ability to be real under real conditions, regardless of how novel or mundane.

Plausible: Has the ability to be a solution under a given condition, current ability, or normal conditions.

Probable: A likely outcome with given or normal conditions.

Feasible: Under given conditions, likely to be possible without excessive or unforeseen effort.

“It’s possible the engineer will report building the longer bridge is plausible, and it’s probable the feds will issue a grant making its construction feasible”.

Pareto principle: The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes (the “vital few”)

Political Words

wokesplainin - This word resembles a contraction but lacks an apostrophe thus poking fun at the cultistis general unawareness of correct English. Bigoteering - The act of labeling a person “racist”, “sexist”, or somethinglikeit-ist in situations where these are not warranted, in an attempt to exploit the stigmas accompanying such labels and force the opponent to spend time and energy explaining “why he/she is not a bigot”. If you disagree with Sally on anything political, all she does is call you a sexist, racist, homophobe. Classic bigoteering. Urban Monoculture - The worldwide woke, anti-truth, and low birthrate urban culture.
AWFUL: Affluent White Female Urban Liberals

Wokeness Definition of Woke

Woke: Wokeness, also termed the “woke mind virus”, is a political strategy and culture that’s chiefly characterized by the rejection of personal responsibility and merit, and embrace of victimhood identity. Woke has an external locus of control and rejects the existence of an internal locus of control.

The woke dogma is that all inequality in the world comes from oppression. Therefore, some groups don’t succeed because of inequality.

Wokeness quickly asserts blame to others instead of assigning blame correctly to originating groups as a means to reject merit. Wokeness rejects meritocracy and advocates for kakistocracy. Outsiders frequently view wokeness as weak willed, ignorant, undeservingly entitled, and highly destructive.

Wokeness believes in monoculture, cult adherence to group dogma, and does not value diversity. Adherence to cult dogma is ironically termed “diversity”. Wokeness labels views outside of their cult dogma as “bad” and only views originating from within the group as “good”. Wokeness ostracizes independent thinkers to preserving an echo chamber.

Wokeness rejects equality under the law and believes in giving certain ethnic groups governmentally institutionalized privilege over other groups. In place of diversity, wokeness favors “equality through oppression” and advocates for a society structured as described by the 1961 “Harrison Bergeron”.

Woke believes that any group that is succeeding, like European men or Jews, are oppressors. The Wokeness cult elevates any group that is perceived by the narrative as a victim. Woke believes in European cultural genocide.

Wokeness is frequently characterized by newspeak, suppression of facts, and hatred of free speech. Wokeness seeks to establish a censorship apparatus to eliminate any thought that contradicts the woke hive mind.

Wokeness does not believe in the rule of law, rather the rule of mob and kakistocracy.

Wokeness frequently accompanies the rejection of heritage and tradition for the sake of being edgy and rebellious, self inflicting harm, refusal to look at data.Wokeness looks down on women who choose to marry and have families and instead exults childlessness.

Instead of working in their own communities toward excellence, wokeness aims to destroy the American productive class to bring them down to the perceived levels of failing groups.

Wokeness ignores or minimizes data that is inconvenient, but magnifies data that the woke hive mind thinks advances their dogma. Wokeness lacks a backpropagation algorithm. If the same data is later inconvenient, instead of updating assumptions, wokeness favors “forgetting” data they used to advocate.

Wokeness ignores racial crime data in the USA.

The opposite of wokeness is liberty. Liberty believes that regardless of where someone starts, all should use their own internal power, a natural right that cannot be taken or given by government, to advance and better themselves.

Words I pronounce (or used to pronounce) weird:

English Word - Syllables | Zami-ism Word - Syllables ———————————————————– Boundary 3 “boundry”, 2
Library 3 “Lie-barry” 2


Maria Instead of ——————– Culture-sack cul-de-sac Chippery Chipper I beg the difference I beg to differ Shimmer Drizzle Medium median - road Portable portal - web Witche’s


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