# Words that the Google spellcheck says aren't words misconfiguration scalability preliminarily malintended Cognizant (noun) Integratable Perceivement Entropic Counterintuitive Screenshotted Massless Graviton Precomputes Resimulated Interpretable Cypherpunk, cypherpunk, cypherpunks, Cypherpunks Gamified reindex,reindexing trustless Collateralized/Collateralization Dulse Uncensorable multisystem macroly auditable Transputs Institutionalism retargeting Explainer Rearchitecture Differentiators Inited Compactified Unencapsulate (while unencapsulated is considered "correct" ) astroturfing overdramatic Passworded Panderings Uncompetitive Timestamper quaternary Quaternions Paywalled 0123456789XE (while 0123456789 and 0123456789ABCDEF are "correct") Patentability Successionally - one after another. "Can I use these cups successionally?" Squirrelly - like a squirrel. Resistive - like resistive heating Validators - Like ethereum validators or html forms. Parenthathese Prepended Natively - WTF google. Pasteable Deduplication Deduplicates Zealotous multibyte Encodings Superluminal Eliding composability unescaped serendipitously millennials Millennials implementers explainer novelly annotational underweighted incentivised minification backdoored untrusting canonicalized canonicalize unmarshal, unmarshaller, unmarshalling handedly (heavy handedly) winterization Footgun, footgunned misconfigured cryptosystems, cryptosystem dracaena preallocated convolute (Yes, just the verb. WTF Google) marshaler (Like JSON marshaler) truncatable automatable unguessable subresources explainer Unvetted slumgummy ostracisation unparsable uncensorable algorithmically Incompressibility incompressible sorbitol unencoded decagrams signifier misattributing tamari incrementor externalities representable Kolmogorov complexity computable semantical recalculatable oversized verifiers (Noun. A common cryptography term) unpadded recreatable multiton technotopian Merkle (like Merkle tree, Merkle root, etc...) # Words that VS code should have known _since they are programming words_. embeddable Kolmogorov unmarshal unmarshaler multibyte Precomputes unpadded multiton # Public Words that I like juristic perturbation # Words I pronounce weird: "boundry", two syllables. Boundary (Three syllables) "Lie-barry" (two syllables) Library (three syllables) # Maria-ism Maria Instead or -------------------- Culture-sack cul-de-sac Chippery Chipper I beg the difference I beg to differ Shimmer Drizzle Medium median - road Portable portal - web # "schwords" Schmoove move